Horoscopes 29 october 2019

Somewhere at the back of your mind, you want this decision to be taken for you, by your partner. Light orange is your color today and anytime between pm to pm is lucky for you to accomplish anything. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi! Aquarius monthly horoscope - October Aquarius daily love horoscope - 31 May Read More.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. Adding to this, Mercury enters Pluto -ruled Scorpio on the same day, adding depth to all communication and information. Mercury will station RX in Scorpio on October 31st. Mars enters Libra on October 4th. The planet of action and anger cannot express itself directly in Venus -ruled Libra.

And yet, this can be one of the more competitive placings for Mars Libra is a Cardinal sign. Transiting planets in Libra have been squaring the Nodes since September 22nd, so this issue a choice between familiar past versus unfamiliar future is not new. Venus in your partnership sector square Pluto can trigger compulsive attractions or struggles for power: dominance can become more important then the relationship. Professional partnerships or issues involving career, success or jealousy can be especially troublesome.

Pluto direct in your career sector can intensify the above but will also signal forward movement regarding a career change or your future goals; a new path is emerging as old definitions of success die. Mercury into your sector of shared resources can take a relationship conversation to a deeper level and encourage you to look at the underside of what you share. This placement favours intensive research and psychological exploration. Mars into your relationship sector can see your partner taking the initiative while drawing your attention to the importance of balanced actions, the motivations of others and an equal exchange of effort.

This issue first gained prominence around September 22nd. Venus in your sector of routine square Pluto suggests unbalanced and compulsive energies around health, obligations or service to others. Consider the difference between what you need versus what you want. In some cases there can be excessive fixations on self-improvement. Pluto direct in your sector of opportunities signals progress in the areas of travel, education, legal matters or publishing.

Let go of what you cannot control. Mercury into your partnership sector signals a deeply honest relationship conversation that can raise some uncomfortable issues. Mars into your sector of routine can signal more work and more obligations but can also help you approach them in a balanced way. You may veer between doing nothing and doing way too much before you find the sweet spot: this is part of the process. A rule, law or official statement signals limits around how far you can go.

The intensity of what you want will be driven by complicated impulses. Pay attention to deeper issues of control, fear of loss or fear of change. Pluto direct in your sector of shared resources can forcibly push you through the above crisis via an ending or removal of what you thought you wanted. The more you fixate, the greater the chances of something being taken away. Mercury into your sector of routine can see you digging for solutions in a work or health matter.

Excellent for getting to the bottom of what needs to be corrected.

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Also good for deeply honest conversations with co-workers. Mercury retrograde on October 31st will extend this issue by uncovering more information. Too, you could feel like cutting loose. Use caution; once the pendulum swings too far in one direction it can be difficult to make it back to centre. Venus in your domestic sector square Pluto can trigger intense issues with a domestic partner. Their desire for control or change can push you off balance. At the same time, this can expose an unsettling facet of your home life.

Pluto direct in your partnership sector signals progress in the above issue and in your relationship. Mercury into your sector of self- expression can encourage you to speak openly and honestly about what you want. Some of what you say can make others uncomfortable but this can also be a deeply fruitful time for creative work, romance or just being yourself. Mercury retrograde on October 31st can see you second-guessing your words or looking more deeply at how honestly you express yourself.

Relocation, renovations, family arguments or general domestic activity can swing between extremes before you find a balanced way of juggling all this activity. Their rules or your commitment to the relationship will have to be balanced with newly emerging personal goals. Venus in your communication sector square Pluto suggest gracious, complementary or flirtatious conversations with a manipulative undertone.

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Pluto direct in your sector of routine can push you through this crisis via progress in a work or health situation. Changes in your daily life involving efforts to address unhealthy habits can gain traction. Mercury into your domestic sector can trigger investigation into family secrets or the history of your current dwelling. Family discussions can go deeper and Mercury retrograde on October 31st will extend this issue. Mars into your communication sector can activate the urge to assert yourself verbally even as you deal with extremes of politeness versus bluntness.

It may take some effort to find the middle ground between gracious versus honest. This is about thinking or speaking according to practical but outdated rules versus unknown but emotionally satisfying areas that are ripe for exploration. This could be about putting words to what was previously secret or undefined.

Venus in your sector of personal resources square Pluto can trigger jealousy, competition or insecurity regarding financial resources or attraction. But as Pluto stations direct in your sector of self- expression the above situation will progress as a compulsive attraction or urge to prove yourself or satisfy yourself moves forward. This is a chance to look at what you really want and why. Too, this can be an excellent time for self- analysis or research.

Conversations from the past can also gain new life. Mars into your sector of personal resources can activate ambitions to earn or look out for yourself. Consider the balance between self-preservation versus anxiety- driven actions. Fear is not helpful but balanced ambition is. The Sun in your sector of personal resources square the Nodes clarifies a choice that has been active since September 22nd.

Your October 12222 Monthly Horoscope

This is about stepping away from old rules around how you express yourself versus putting yourself out there emotionally in public. Your emotional connection to the public can make you feel vulnerable, but ultimately it will be more nurturing. Venus in your sign square Pluto can trigger fixations on certain aspects of your appearance or identity. Issues with family or from the past can emerge to trigger a crisis in a relationship or your self -esteem. You can also attract intense and possibly unwanted attention from others. If you find yourself drawn to someone in an unbalanced, know that this is due to something they have that you should develop within yourself.

Pluto direct in your domestic sector signals progress around an ending or the excavation of family issues.

Mercury into your sector of personal resources helps you get savvy about financial and emotional necessities. Excellent for identifying and communicating exactly what you want, But Mercury retrograde on October 31st will signal a delay and deeper review of these issues. Mars into your sign activates assertiveness, ambition or anger. The Sun in your sign square the Nodes hi-lights a choice that has been active since September 22nd.

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This can be about choosing between old loyalties versus personal ambitions. Pluto direct in your communication sector can reveal more of the above, give you greater insight and help you move on from a crisis-ridden conversation. Mercury into your sign adds to the above as you put what was secret into words. Hidden issues may now be talked about openly but as Mercury stations RX on October 31st, you may be questioning your initial statements.

Mars into your hidden sector can see you pulling back and waiting before you take action. Bide your time and allow events to unfold; this is not the moment to push because you will not have direct influence. You may have to choose between the official party line versus unexplored options: travel, education, legal matters or publishing are areas where there is room to grow. This issue has been active since September 22nd.

Venus in your social sector square Pluto can trigger difficult dynamics with friends or groups. A romantic attraction can be fraught with jealousy and social interactions can contain underlying power plays, manipulation or insecurity.

Tomorrow’s Horoscope, Thursday 10 October

Your public image can attract mixed reactions ranging from magnetic attraction to hostility. Pluto direct in your sector of personal resources can help you move past any social crises by pushing you to go with the changes in your financial or self- esteem situation. Your instincts will be very accurate and this is also an excellent influence for behind- the- scenes research.

Mercury RX on October 31st will extend this, giving you ample time to explore within the shadows.

Mars into your social sector can activate initiative, anger or increased activity with friends and groups. Energy can be volatile but polite on the surface. Watch for passive- aggressive expressions of anger.