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New releases. Add to Wishlist. Learn Vedic astrology from renowned astrologer Punit Pandey with his Video and text tutorials. Astrologer Punit Pandey teaches astrology in step by step fashion in a language that can be understood by a layman. He starts with very basic like planets, zodiac and zodiac signs, houses, aspects, strength and take you to advanced topic like shodashvarga. He also keeps sharing tips for learning astrology as and when required.

Vedic astrology is also called Hindu Astrology, Indian astrology, or Sidereal astrology and is different from Western astrology. This tutorial will focus on Vedic astrology and will teach it in simple language. Astrology lessons are available in Hindi and English language as well apart from English Videos.

Reviews Review Policy. Kundli is the parameter to learn astrology in its natural form.

Customize Vedic Astrology Course for Bigners in Hindi or English Language at their convenience.

Jyotish is always seen before the marriage according to Hindu rituals. If the horoscope matches then only the wedding is decided. This app works like an online horoscope evaluator.


It follows the principle of Vedic astrology. To check Astrology compatibility this app can be used. Your Janam Kundli or birth-chart is a cosmic map of our solar system at the time of your birth. Kundli is based on the Hindu jyothish sastra.

Vedic Astrology in Nagpur, वैदिक ज्योतिष, नागपुर

All tantra, mantra and yagna is done with the Kundli. Moreover, in many Indian family people match the janmakshar before getting married. Manglik is used in kundli in worst scenario of marriage condition. Analyzing the kundli will help to discover what destiny has in store for you. In short, you can predict the path of your life. It will also help you to explore the possible remedies available to overcome any sort of obstacles in your path.


Best feature is you can select your favorite horoscope tip and either bookmark it or add it to favorite. Do not forget to give your feedback and pls give rating if you like our app. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. There is about a month's break between two terms June and December. Timing of the Classes For all courses Saturday 2.

Tea Break - 4. Sunday 1. Tea Break - 3. Marma Chikitsa classes from 11 AM to 1. Subject to changes according to weather and other conditions. The Committee reserved right to alter the timing according to needs. The institute of Astrology has upgraded the subject of medical astrology by incorporating the ancient tradition of Marma Chikitsa, which is based on Sushruta Samhita.

Marma points are an important element of Ayuruveda's healing power. This is a healing art from the ancient Ayuruveda that works on sensitive energy points of the body profoundly affecting the body, mind and spirit to facilitate the deepest levels of healing.

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  • This upgrading of the syllabus by including Vedic therapy, based on Sushruta Samhita, at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi has been done at the junior Alankar Level by qualified and trained reachers of Gurukul kangri University. Author of more then thirty books on Astrology.

    Member, Syllabus and Prospectus Committee. Sc Hort Hons. Phil, Jyotish Visharad. Controller of Examinaton. Elect , M. Chairman , Convocation Seminar.


    Phil Music Jyotish Visharad. Author of book "Predicting Through Sthir Dasha". Download Astrology Prospectus. Delhi Kendra. Mehta Vidyalaya. JNA Languages. PG Programmes. Book University. Contact Us. We pray and bow our head to the Goddess Sarswati, goddess of knowledge. Goddess you are the most lucky and full of knowledge, you have Lotus like big and beautiful eyes. You are the giver of knowledge. Rao, I. The Institute conducts Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya courses in order to encourage the study and research in Astrology. The Institute also selects eligible candidates who have passed out Jyotish Acharya course for research in Astrology under the guidance of Shri K.

    Our outstanding successful researches are published in the Journal of Astrology and other publications. The medium of instruction is English or Hindi and medium of examination is also English or Hindi as per the choice exercised by the candidate at the time of the admission.

    Hindi Lesson 2 - Signification of Houses Learn Vedic Astrology - Sundeep Kataria

    Note : the choice once exercised will be final and binding. The admission will be granted in order of merit, as the number of seats available are limited. All the successful candidates at the time of interview shall be admitted to Jyotish Alankar Course. However, students who become successful in minimum three papers out of the five papers, are also eligible for interview and are likely to be promoted for Jyotish Acharya. They have to clear the failed papers of Jyotish Alankar before the completion of Jyotish Acharya Course.

    All the successful candidates at the time of interview shall be admitted to Jyotish Acharya Course. Attending the convocation seminar is compulsory for Jyotish Acharya classes, failing which they shall not be eligible for admission to research classes. However, for meritorious students passed out from other Institutes, with the approval of Advisor, Controller of Examination, can be considered for admission to Senior Alankar Courses.

    Student has to pass out the Institute's Midterm and Annual Examinations. After successful completion of Jyotish Acharya Course and only those who have attended the convocation Seminar are eligible for interviews to Research Classes. All candidates who are successful in the interview will be admitted to Research Class in Astrology.